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As an avid comic reader since young, Shawn was heavily influenced by the glamour of a comic creator. But as lazy as he could be, he chosen an easy life. Discovering that it is not such an easy life after all, Shawn was plunge deep into an even harder (for him) road of comic creation after knowing a bunch of fanatics... Ever since, Shawn has been involved in numerous comic related works and events, providing seminars, courses and workshops. He also provided comics/graphical services and solutions to clients in order to keep his dream alive.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Post

Finally started a blog! And I seriously don't know what to say... Basically I will be uploading up my drawing, news and stuffs over here and hopefully periodically updating the blog with more items in the future.

This is really my first time and those who are reading through this now, bear with me for the time being.

Oh and this is linked with my website, check it out!

Thanks and regards

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