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As an avid comic reader since young, Shawn was heavily influenced by the glamour of a comic creator. But as lazy as he could be, he chosen an easy life. Discovering that it is not such an easy life after all, Shawn was plunge deep into an even harder (for him) road of comic creation after knowing a bunch of fanatics... Ever since, Shawn has been involved in numerous comic related works and events, providing seminars, courses and workshops. He also provided comics/graphical services and solutions to clients in order to keep his dream alive.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Air Fortress of Skytopia

Another illustration of Skytopia.

It was drawn quite sometime ago, but never ever had a chance to color it yet.
Hope you guys like it. :)

You can find the previous illustration on my website gallery:


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comic Project Red Featured in National Critics' Choice


Our comic has been featured in the website of National Critics' Choice.

"Project Red is Singapore's first step of faith Si Fi manga ever evoled. Started by Wan & Shawn Seow with great passion and dreams that's been realized since their childhood days. The best part is that the story take place in the futuristic Singapore and without having a political strings. The characters created and the story is enticing almost immediately. But do give them a chance as this is the very first effort of the creators, the potential is enormous."

It is a very exciting moment for us!

The National Critics Choice is a social network open for constructive Descerning Lifestyle Lovers in regards to food, travel, motion pictures, 3D, Theatre, Events and High Net Worth news.

Do check out their website for interesting info and local happening events at:

I also like to thank you National Critics' Choice and Mr Robin Stienberg Tan over here for giving us this review.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Basketmania Full Colored

Finally, after taking so long, I got a chance to finish coloring this drawing. It took so much longer than I have anticipated to complete it. So, hope you like it! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Comic Book Project Red on SHELF

Happy belated NEW YEAR to all!

It's been pretty busy for me and thus sorry for the lag of updates, but...


It is currently now on sales at Takashimaya Kinokuniya which is situated at Orchard Road, Singapore! More coming soon to other major bookstores!

Please give all you support!